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Have questions about CrossFit? Tune in for Tuesday Q&A!


Have questions about CrossFit? Tune in for Tuesday Q&A!

Do you have questions about CrossFit? You’re not alone! There’s a lot that goes intodeveloping world-class health and fitness.

CrossFit is so much more than just “one workout a day”. It’s a lifestyle – a healthy lifestyle that prioritizes frequent high-intensity exercise, nutritional behaviors that support performance and body composition changes, sleep, stress management, and recovery.

It’s hard to answer all those questions during class! That’s why we’ve started our Tuesday Q&A segment on FaceBook. Every Tuesday at 1pm you can find Dr. Mitch, head coach and physical therapist answering our member’s questions live on FaceBook. Hear what’s been happening lately at CrossFit Tuebor West, answers to topics from training-related questions, how to develop strength, and thoughts on diets and meal timing.

Missed it live on FaceBook? Be sure to head over to YouTube and watch all the previous episodes. Then tune in live next week to have your question answered live on air!



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