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DO YOU WANT TO BE A TIMECRUSHER ON CROSSFIT OPEN WORKOUTS? Why does everyone mention 17.1? Maybe you’ve wondered what 17.1 means and why you’ve seen it on several fitness pages. The Crossfit games have a branch called Crossfit Opens. They are Individual or team worldwide competition that has eliminatory rounds. Many people around the world participate in Crossfit Opens. They are divided into 5 weeks of elimination rounds. First week “17.1” second week “17.2” third week “17.3” and so on until fifth week “17.5 “. Want to improve your physic? All we need is your will, leave the rest to us! Our team offers complete programs for Crossfit open workouts. As we can analyze for the first stage of 17.1 it’s a workout of maximum vascular capacity. In our box we will teach you how get that physical condition that is needed to be able to perform all the...
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17.1 lasco press

What’s all this talk about 17.1 what’s it mean !?!? The dreaded burpee. No one particularly likes them, especially when you add to it. That is exactly what Workout 17.1 has to offer in the shadow of the CrossFit Games. In only six months we will all watch as the fittest on Earth compete for the title. Only the best make it to the CrossFit Games and only the best takes the championship. The CrossFit Games start on August 1st, but before you look that far ahead you must rip through the Open which just started on February 23. This is the opportunity for CrossFitters from around the world to send in their video submissions to see how they stack up against the competition. The athletes who do make the cut will have the opportunity to attend Regionals before they can move on to the CrossFit Games. Workout 17.1 was...
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